Polarbulk is a European real estate developer and business-to-business wholesaler of construction materials.

Through our services we assist selected partners and contractors with supply management and logistics in several countries. Thanks to thorough research and constant focus on automation and efficiency, our customers gain access to new and improved products at lower costs. Everything is enabled by having a tailor-made cooperation which addresses every need of each partner.

As a single point of contact involved in every phase of the real estate and construction business, we are able to utilize our extensive network and create new business opportunities for everyone involved.

We believe in creating and benefiting – together. See www.polarbulk.no to reach the Norwegian branch.


Our selected services all have synergies and are there to enable our partners to focus on their core business, by outsourcing administrative and supporting tasks.

Working closely with our partners, we have put in place efficient tools and routines for communication and project management to create a lean and seamless experience through the whole value chain.


A cornerstone of our company is the business-to-business wholesale of construction materials and real estate related products.

We specialize in bulk orders delivered directly to construction sites, with emphasis on communication and automation, to make logistics a non-issue for our partners. At the same time we offer local support through multiple warehouses and our widespread logistics services.

supply management

We make sure our partners have the necessary amount of products available, just in time.

To be able to offer superior products at the lowest prices, we focus heavily on sourcing and product testing. This is done together with partners saving them from micro managing time consuming details of the process.

Our procurement services also include providing required documentation and negotiating the best possible terms and conditions.

export & import

Export and import entail several rules and regulations, which can make supply management and dealing across borders a frustrating process.

We are present in several countries and have taken it upon ourselves to remove the limitations these borders create for our partners.

In addition, our partners benefit from our experience and network when entering new markets in different countries, as we link suitable companies together to create more business for everyone.


We deliver as promised.

Through communication and fleet tracking, we provide real-time information about deliveries at all times.

We also enhance the logistics capabilities of our partners through warehouse services and supporting functions close to our common projects.

real estate

Our roots stem from real estate, working independently, as well as together with partners on joint projects.

We have experience from residential real estate, retail real estate and other commercial real estate.

Furthermore, we provide due diligence and consulting services on acquisition of land, regulation processes, planning and construction.

Ultimately we handle dialogue with brokers and agents, as well as utilize our network to connect partners with tenants and customers.

construction management

Through our experience and network, we provide valuable input and ensure control and management, from idea to end.

In the early stages we provide consulting services addressing design, scope, cost and planning. This is followed up by handling bidding, staffing, procurement and supply management.

During the project we ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan, while providing transparency and necessary overview for the stakeholders.


In specific fields we are able to take on a contracting role in projects.

This can be as a contractor taking care of hiring and utilizing sub-contractors, handling purchasing and supply management for different phases of the project, actual construction or all of the above.

As the contractual party we handle all the agreements and finance, from start to finish.

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